Fack Nike Shoes, Need some inspo on how to store your stack? We’re showing you how to get a proper handle on your most prized possessions. There is no one-size-fits-all solution so you do you. Whether you’re a city apartment sneaker head or a suburban hoarder, focus on a setup that works for you in whatever space and layout you have.

Coppin’ a fresh pair of sneakers is the easy part. It’s sorting out the best way to shop and organise them that takes time. Growin’ your haul to supreme collector levels can get out of hand - the solution? Get rid of some of your sneaks, right? Wrong. Don’t take the clean-up approach, just get organised by curating your kicks. In other words, get it together.

If you wear your kicks down to the ground or keep ‘em box fresh, follow these easy tips for maintaining your ever-growin’ crep collection.

Location, Location, Location

Depending on your living situation, the garage or attic might seem like the perf’ place for your sneakers. After all, those options are essentially tailor-made for storing essentials. But when it comes to preserving your sneaks over the long-haul, you’re looking for dry and moderate conditions - heat and humidity are your enemy.

A better option? Your ‘drobe or that spare bedroom you aren’t using. And if you do decide to go with that extra room, try to avoid prolonged periods of direct sunlight by keeping those blinds shut to prevent any sun bleaching. It’s the last thing you want after you’ve copped the the majority of saught after colourway!

Bring in the Boxes

Keepin’ the OG boxes for your priceless retro releases may not always be the best for you trainers. Not only do bring little protection, but they break down over time with wear and tear, creating a pretty risky stacking situation. Investing in some containers that do a shoe box’s job while prolonging the trainer’s life by protecting them from the elements will keep ‘em pristine. Crep Portect’s Crates are the ultimate sneaker storage package. Supporting up to 100kg for all your stacking needs, they act as a UV shield safeguarding your kicks from discolouration.

Oh, and an added bonus? They’re made with a clear, magnetic drop-down front door so that you can see exactly what’s inside. That transparent entry way makes them ideal for displaying and showing off your treasure - and lets you to grab a pair from the bottom of the stack without tipping the whole tower over.

Organise & Separate

Organisation is key to keepin’ up with your kicks, but how precisely you do it is up to you. Sorting by brand and model are some of the most obvious and popular methods, but you can step it up. Have some seasonal sneaks that you only rep during certain months of the year? Or spent time trackin’ down those holy grails? Create a separate section for those. And, while you’re at it, why not keep your everyday rotation close at hand so that they’re easier to get hold of before you move?


The very last thing you want is to end up trapped at the bottom of a dishevelled pile of boxes. So if crates aren’t your thing and you’re blessed for space, raise that collection up with some shelving. A basic wire shelving unit will get the job done, but floating wall shelves save floor space and protect your creps from dust bunnies. Disclaimer: You still have to dust them regularly.